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In today’s climate, cyber-attacks are coming from a multitude of threat vectors through highly sophisticated means, meaning no one is without risk.

ClearFocus Technologies takes a comprehensive look at your organization’s security posture, and can prescribe a plan to address your most urgent risks first, while helping to build a long-term security program that will reduce your exposure to future cyber threats. We have highly trained Cybersecurity Professionals that can assess your security risks and identify policies, processes and tools to protect your information. We understand that organizations are at different stages of their Cybersecurity programs, and consequently we offer a wide variety of services to meet your particular needs, from comprehensive security assessments to the implementation of targeted security technology to monitor, identify, and prevent security threats. ClearFocus offers the following Cybersecurity services.

  • Security Assessments & Compliance Audits

    Performing Security Assessments or Compliance Audits is key to identifying and addressing your organization’s IT security risks. ClearFocus has highly trained Cybersecurity Professionals that can assess your security risks and identify policies, processes and tools to protect your information. We can start by performing a Comprehensive IT Security Assessment to provide an overall picture of key security risks and threats to your organization, or we can perform Penetration Testing to identify specific security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by your adversaries. ClearFocus also provides comprehensive Compliance Audits to ensure adherence to NIST, PCI or HIPAA standards that are either mandated or desired by your industry. Finally, ClearFocus can set up programs to continually monitor your enterprise for security vulnerabilities.

    ClearFocus Security Assessment & Compliance Audit Services

    IT Security Assessments

    ClearFocus can perform a comprehensive IT Security Assessment to provide an overall picture of key security risks and threats to your organization. We will look at existing policies, processes and security technology and provide a gap analysis of deficiencies along with a road map to improve your most urgent risks first. A comprehensive IT Security Assessment can be the first step in establishing a more secure IT environment.

    External and Internal Penetration Testing

    ClearFocus can conduct comprehensive Penetration Tests, conducting both internal and external tests. Our penetration tests are more than just automated network scans and pre-formatted reports from tools. We will evaluate your specific implementation of technologies, looking for weaknesses in the interaction of components and vulnerabilities in configurations, just like a real attacker would. We will work with you to develop realistic rules of engagement that ensure you’ve actually tested the system in a meaningful way which identifies and reduces risk. At the end of the engagement you’ll be confident that you have a thorough understanding of your systems vulnerabilities and realistic steps to mitigate them. ClearFocus can also support Red Teaming exercises.

    NIST Compliance

    If you are a government agency you are required to comply with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and if you are commercial entity, more and more companies are requiring adherence to the NIST 800-37 Risk Management Framework for security. ClearFocus understands FISMA and the recent migration from the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process to the NIST 800-37 Risk Management Framework approach for the Assessment and Authorization (A&A), and the life cycle processes that includes continuous monitoring. Our process for Assessment and Authorization (A&A) places initial focus on security boundaries, existing security policies and standards, roles and responsibilities, and security categorization based upon information sensitivity. After conducting a comprehensive risk assessment, our team is able to develop system security plans that explain who, what, how, and how often each security control is implemented. Our teams develop all supporting documentation, such as Risk Assessments, Privacy Impact Assessments, IT Contingency Plans, Security Control Assessment/Test Plans, Security Assessments, Authorization To Operate (ATO) Letters, and other client specific documentation.

    PCI Compliance

    If you are a Level 1 Merchant or Service Provider, ClearFocus can reduce the risk of Payment Card Industry (PCI) non-compliance or can help you achieve PCI compliance. We offer PCI Readiness Assessments following the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) 3.1 assessment procedures. This includes reviewing existing security policies and procedures, speaking with the staff and validating existing security controls through testing. ClearFocus offers PCI Penetration testing both internally and externally, testing network and application layers along with potential social engineering threats. We work with our clients to develop an action plan to remediate any compliance issues. These issues could range from software, hardware or policy related issues or the need for network segmentation to reduce risk of data loss.

    HIPAA Compliance

    If you are a healthcare provider, healthcare insurance provider, or a healthcare clearinghouse, you fall under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, later updated by the HITECH Act of 2009. At ClearFocus we can assist you in the required activities and controls to ensure the security of Patient Healthcare Information (PHI) and the protection of Electronic Health Records (EHR). We can help you navigate HIPAA/HITECH security rules and assess your HIPAA safeguards & controls and prescribe solutions for your organization.

    Vulnerability Management

    Organizations need to continue to assess the vulnerabilities of their IT enterprise and security frameworks like the NIST Risk Management Framework require continuous monitoring of your environment. At ClearFocus we can monitor enterprises for vulnerabilities and provide your IT staff with a prioritized plan of vulnerabilities to address. We have extensive knowledge of wide variety of vulnerability management tools which include Tenable Nessus/ACAS, Qualsys, Retina, Lumension, HP WebInspect, Acunetix, McAfee Vulnerability Manager, OWASP, MBSA and AppDetective. The team can also perform manual security checks and interviews to conduct vulnerability assessments against multiple enclaves and networks. ClearFocus can recommend patch management policies and programs to reduce future vulnerabilities.

    Asset Management

    A key part of securing an IT Enterprise and to achieve security compliance is to identify all the security assets that comprise your IT Enterprise. When a single endpoint device can compromise your information assets, its important to have an accurate, and continually updated, IT Asset Inventory. At ClearFocus we can deploy tools and processes to ensure your Security and IT Professionals have an accurate picture of the devices on your network and software running on each device.

  • Security Engineering

    Security is more than just a perimeter of robust firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems and web/email filtering solutions. Today 65% of security threats occur on endpoint devices. Consequently, ClearFocus places emphasis on both perimeter security and endpoint protection to ensure endpoint devices and user behavior are not compromising your organization’s information. Once the perimeter and endpoint devices are secure, we can recommend a comprehensive security monitoring solution that correlates events over multiple devices and tools to determine suspicious activity.

    ClearFocus Security Engineering Services

    • Next-Generation Endpoint Protection
    • Next-Generation Firewalls
    • Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • Web/Email Filtering
    • Security Integration and Event Management (SIEM)
    • Network Access Control
    • Mobile Device Security
  • Computer Network Defense

    ClearFocus provides processes and technology to detect, monitor, protect, analyze and defend against network infiltrations that could result in service/network denial, degradation and disruptions. We can help defend against network attacks perpetrated by malicious or adversarial computer systems, and can monitor security activity to identify anomalous activity and potential threats. ClearFocus understands security watch floor operations, and can assist in setting up, staffing or improving your Security Operations Center (SOC). ClearFocus can assess your SOC and identify gaps in protection and areas where processes should be defined or streamlined for repeatable efficiencies. We can also provide guidance on how to respond to security incidents and mitigate threats. ClearFocus’ Cybersecurity professions can remediate security issues and vulnerabilities discovered through security assessments, audits and/or incidents.

    ClearFocus Security Engineering Services

    Security Operations

    ClearFocus has trained Security Analysts who can monitor and analyze security activity to identify anomalous activity and potential threats. We have supported Security Operations Centers (SOC) and understand security watch floor operations. Clearfocus can assist in setting up, staffing or improving your SOC.

    Incident Response

    ClearFocus can provide guidance on how to respond to security incidents and mitigate threats. In the event of a security incident, Clearfocus will work with organizations to guide them in isolating the affected system and eradicating or sandboxing, the threat. ClearFocus’ goal for incident response is to handle the situation in a way that limits damage to the organization and reduces recovery time and costs to the organization. We will work with our clients determine the incident(s), categorized the incidents, and assign an appropriate response based on incident type, working with organizations to ensure the incident does not re-occur.

    SOC Maturity Analysis

    A Security Operations Center is only as good as its ability to consistently protect and defend against threats. Clearfocus can assess your SOC and identify gaps in protection and areas where processes should be defined or streamlined for repeatable efficiencies. We will review and assist in developing, implementing and maintaining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for incident response management, investigation, reporting and recovery. Once processes are defined and in place we will work to develop meaningful metrics to ensure leadership maintains an up to date relevant picture of the organizations defense posture.

    Intrusion Remediation

    Based on security assessments, audits and/or incidents ClearFocus’ Cybersecurity professions can rectify security issues and vulnerabilities. This may include the implementation of additional security controls, the deployment of security tools or by making updates to the existing IT Infrastructure (e.g. hardening server configurations). The goal of Cyber Remediation is secure the enterprise from current and future cyber threats.

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