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Secure Cloud Services

Enterprise IT

Your business runs on information and requires secure and reliable ways to access and use information.

Companies spend a significant portion of their operating budgets every year on hardware and software to host, secure, and productively use information. At ClearFocus we develop cost effective Enterprise IT solutions that can flexibly scale to meet your growing requirements. We understand the complexities of securing the IT Enterprise that include on and off premise cloud services. ClearFocus offers the following Enterprise IT services.

  • Cloud Engineering, Implementation & Support

    ClearFocus can design and build a cloud solution that meets the specific needs of your organization. We bring clarity to the often confusing array of cloud solution options and can determined the true return on your cloud investment, factoring in the often overlooked benefits of improved security, reliability, scalability and future cost avoidance. Through our deep expertise in virtualization, servers, storage and networks we are able to design and build a custom Private Cloud solution to uniquely meet your organization’s needs. Likewise, ClearFocus is both an Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure partner that can design and configure a Public Cloud tailored to your business needs. We also have experience with Hybrid Cloud solutions and can securely integrate off premises public cloud services with on premise private cloud services.

    ClearFocus Cloud Engineering Services

    • Cloud Architecture and Design (Public, Private, Hybrid)
    • Cloud Provider Selection
    • Hardware/Software Selection
    • Hyper-convergence Solutions
    • Storage Engineering
    • Cloud Security Planning & Implementation
    • Data Center Consolidation
  • Virtualization

    Virtualization technology is the key enabler of Cloud Services. If you are building a Private Cloud solution, ClearFocus engineers can assist with the selection of the right virtualization technology for your requirements, and we have years of experience helping companies migrate from physical to virtual server environments. We understand how to optimally tune virtual environments, and can recommend the appropriate amount of hardware to provide virtual server resources that can scale for growth. We are Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology experts and understand how to tune host servers and the network to support VDI. We also understand how to overcome the challenges of software rationalization and application delivery in a VDI environment.

    ClearFocus Virtualization Services

    • Hypervisor Selection
    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Implementation
    • Performance Tuning
    • Application Virtualization
    • Physical to Virtual Server Migrations
  • Networking Engineering

    ClearFocus can securely design public cloud provider virtual networks with “reach back” capabilities to your organization’s core networks, and tune network performance to support bandwidth intensive services like VDI, VoIP and videoconferencing. We believe networks should be resilient and self-healing, implementing networks that are fully routable, redundant and make efficient use of network hardware. We employ a comprehensive network monitoring approach that goes beyond network fault and performance monitoring, but also includes Security and Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring. Through monitoring, we strive to continually optimize networks, tuning the network to improve the experience of end user services.

    ClearFocus Network Engineering Services

    • Network Architecture/Design
    • Network Device Installation and Configuration
    • Firewall Installation and Configuration
    • Software Defined Networks
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Quality of Services (QoS) Engineering
  • IT Enterprise Management

    As the IT Infrastructure includes both public and private cloud services, the role of monitoring and maintaining the IT Enterprise becomes more complex. At ClearFocus we can implement the latest IT Enterprise Management solutions to configure, monitor and maintain your IT Enterprise. We have partnered with Microsoft and several other leading vendors to provide comprehensive IT Enterprise Management solutions.

    ClearFocus IT Enterprise Management Services

    • Configuration Management
    • Enterprise Monitoring
    • Microsoft Enterprise
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