Your business is designed for change, and requires secure and reliable access to information to succeed. We can protect your information through our Cybersecurity services and provide reliable access to information through our Secure Cloud Services.

Protect Your Information


Through Security Compliance Assessments, Security Engineering, and Computer Network Defense services, ClearFocus provides a comprehensive look at your organization’s security posture, and prescribes a plan to address your most urgent risks first, while helping to build and execute a long-term full-service security program that will reduce your exposure to future cyber threats.

Secure Cloud Services

Secure Cloud Services

While bringing clarity to the often confusing array of cloud solution options and determining the true return on your cloud investment, ClearFocus provides Cloud Engineering, Virtualization, Network Engineering and IT Enterprise Management services and develops cost effective secure cloud solutions that can flexibly scale to meet your ever-changing requirements.

Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Using Open Source and Mobile software development techniques, COTS Customization development and leveraging the best development practices of Agile / Scrum, CMMi and DevOps, ClearFocus leverages the secure and reliable foundations available to speed the delivery of applications while protecting information.

News & Updates

CheckPoint Security Installation

November 14, 2016

ClearFocus has been awarded a contract to install new Check Point appliances and to upgrade / configure existing Check Point appliances for the City of Gresham. Check Point’s combined hardware and software appliance will provide overall security management for Gresham’s network, endpoint, mobile and data security.

Paragon Micro Partnership

October 11, 2016

ClearFocus and Paragon Micro have entered into a partnership agreement targeted primarily at leveraging each firm’s capabilities with Federal customers. Additionally, the partnering arrangement will allow ClearFocus and Paragon Micro to provide similar services to commercial customers.

ClearFocus Expands Secure Cloud Services support at DOE

August 23, 2016

ClearFocus expands its Secure Cloud Services support at the Department of Energy by establishing a new patch management strategy for a private cloud infrastructure which consists of 3 data centers and 29 site locations. This effort includes deploying the latest version of Microsoft’s Security Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

AARP Application Life Cycle Analysis Support

August 22, 2016

ClearFocus to support ARRP by providing Application Life Cycle best practices and recommendations for tools, processes and standards to support each phase of the application development lifecycle. Support will include best practices for requirements analysis, development, testing, deployment and change management.

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